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50° Muscat de Beaumes de Venise ~ France

Domaine de Coyeux produces this fortified rich sweet and luscious Rhone white

Small ~ £8.00  /  Bottle ~ £23.00



51° The Noble d’Arenberg Mud Pie Viognier Arneis ~ Australia

A nose strongly reminiscent of dried apricots is the very start of a vinous journey full of excesses.

The palate is equally dominated by these exorbitant apricot notes but of equal importance are

the complexing flavours of ginger bread, tinned pineapple, honey, cinnamon and cumquat.

Small ~ £8.00  /  Bottle ~ £23.00



52° Chateau Filhot a Sauternes ~ France

The wines of Sauternes are gilded, sweet, but also firm and delicate. Their "rot" bouquet develops

very will with aging, becoming rich and complex, with crystallized orange and hazelnut,

honey notes. The "rot," is the specific character given by the noble rot to the Sauternes wines,

which results in a taste and flavors of crystallized.

Small ~ £12.00  /  Bottle ~ £30.00




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