(HOUSE WINE) Vina Main Tinto Tempranillo ~ Spain

A young modern red wine made in Rioja from 100% Tempranillo. Tinto exudes vibrant colour,

firm tannin and exciting ripe forest berry flavours which linger on the palate

Small ~ £3.70  /  Medium ~ £5.00  /  Large ~ £6.50  /  Bottle ~ £17.95



25° MAN Skaapveald Shiraz Coastal Region ~ South Africa

On the palate the wine is full-bodied, with notes of black currant, plum and finely integrated tannins.

Has a sweetish flavour and aromas of dried fruit. The exceptional wine comes from non-irrigated areas.

Therefore, the grapes form of a higher concentration of flavour

Small ~ £4.10  /  Medium ~ £5.75  /  Large ~ £8.20  /  Bottle ~ £24.00



26° Merlot Casa Lo Matta ~ Chile

Garnet red in colour with purple tones. It has aromas of cherries and chocolate.

Elegant and rounded body with a pleasant finish

Small ~ £4.10  /  Medium ~ £5.50  /  Large ~ £7.60  /  Bottle ~ £21.00



27° Cotes Du Rhone Chateau Mont-Redod ~ France

Sweet, ripe crushed red berry fruit flavours and aromas are offset by bright,

vibrant notes of black pepper and a suggestion of leather in this wine,

and are supported by supple, medium-bodied tannins

Small ~ £5.70  /  Medium ~ £7.95  /  Large ~ £11.40  /  Bottle ~ £33.50



28° Castelau Cabernet Sauvignon Terra de Lobos ~ Portugal

Although the Cabernet is in the minority in this blend, the blackcurrant still show through.

Very stylish and digestible 

Small ~ £4.10  /  Medium ~ £5.50  /  Large ~ £7.60  /  Bottle ~ £21.00



29° Chateau Vieux Parc Corbières ~ France

Lovely soft red from the South of France.

Another great example of French winemakers listening to the drinkers

Small ~ £4.10  /  Medium ~ £5.75  /  Large ~ £8.20  /  Bottle ~ £24.00



30° Bacca Nera Primitivo Negroamaro Salento ~ Italy

Intense ruby red colour. A full and complex nose of dark fruits and blackberries.

Full bodied, intense, with juicy sweet fruit and a soft finish

Small ~ £5.75  /  Medium ~ £7.35  /  Large ~ £9.45  /  Bottle ~ £28.50



31° Rioja Crianza REAL RUBIO ~ Spain

The graciano grape combined with the classic tempranillo give us a wine with lively colours

and solid acidity. On the nose, the French cask mingles with the red berries, vanilla.

Small ~ £5.45  /  Medium ~ £7.65  /  Large ~ £10.95  /  Bottle ~ £32.50



32° Valpolicella Castel San Pietro ~ Italy

This 'Valpolicella' displays a violet red colour with intense notes of black currant red, plum, raspberry,

black cherry and spice. In the mouth opens, fresh with a good balance between acidity, sweetness and sapidity

Small ~ £4.95  /  Medium ~ £6.95  /  Large ~ £9.85  /  Bottle ~ £29.50



33° Aromo Pinot Noir Winemaker’s Selection ~ Chile

Shining ruby red colour. A fresh, fruity and velvety wine with great body. With red berries strawberries,

violet and chocolate aromas, it is a vigorous and attractive wine which combines strength and elegance

Small ~ £5.70  /  Medium ~ £7.95  /  Large ~ £11.40  /  Bottle ~ £33.50



34° Altas Cumbres Malbec ~ Argentina

The low yielding vines contribute to the excellent texture and outstanding concentration

of blackberry fruit, cassis and dark cherries

Small ~ £4.95  /  Medium ~ £6.95  /  Large ~ £9.85  /  Bottle ~ £29.50



35° The Wolf Trap, Boekenhoutskloof ~ South Africa

Marc Kent is without doubt one of the most talented winemakers in South Africa.

His attention to detail makes Wolf Trap a seriously good value for money wine

with incredible intensity of flavour and complexity

Small ~ £4.95  /  Medium ~ £6.95  /  Large ~ £9.85  /  Bottle ~ £29.50



37° Rioja Reserva Ruiz De Vinaspre ~ Spain 2007

Smooth and mature – big style and quality here.

The extra oak ageing results in even more smoothness and texture

75cl Bottle ~ £36.00



38° Chateau La Tour de By Cru Bourgeois Medoc ~ France 2010

A substantial 70 hectare estate, located at Bégadan in the northern Medoc. This ever-reliable

property produced an opulent, generously fruity 2000 that impressed 'en primeur'and confirmed

its early potential during its youth. Now approaching its best it displays

vibrancy of fruit with hints of oak in support

75cl Bottle ~ £44.00



39° Chateau Pipeau St. Emilion Grand Cru ~ France 2009

This is a property that has attracted considerable favourable coverage recently for its powerful, full wines.

There is a large amount of new oak used but this supports and complements the concentrated fruit.

Big, rich and long

75cl Bottle ~ £50.00



40° Aromo Cabernet Sauvignon Blend Barrel Selection ~ Chile 2010

This wine represents the top of the range from Aromo. The blend is 80% Cabertnet Sauvignon,

15% Carménére and 5% Petit Verdot and the result is a big, round delight which,

although drinking now, will improve for years to come

75cl Bottle ~ £33.50



42° Pinot Noir Coastal Region Mac Murry ~ California USA 2012

Moderate reddish purple color in the glass. The aromas and flavors of dark cherry,

plum and black raspberry are framed by anise-laced oak. The tannins are modest,

the mouthfeel is silky, and the finish is juicy, albeit a bit shallow

and a noticeable tug of oak

75cl Bottle ~ £37.00


43° Hearthland Cabernet Sauvignon Langhorne Creek ~ Australia 2012

If colour tells a story, then this is one of depth and character.

Appealing floral notes give nuance to the attractive red fruit so abundant on the nose.

Blackcurrant leads an ensembe cast of spices and herbs that act as a perfect foil to this

wine's mesmerizing display of fruit

75cl Bottle ~ £35.00



44° Amarone della Velpolicella Le Bignelle ~ Italy 2010

Sun dried grapes are used to make this legendary wine.

The result is a rich and full red with lingering sweetness. Beautiful

75cl Bottle ~ £50.00



45° Chateauneuf Du Pape Chante Cigale ~ France 2012

A beautiful traditional cuvee, it gives up notions of sweet black cherries, leafy herbs,

olive and underbrush to go with a medium-bodied, elegant and textured mouthful.

Leaning more toward the pretty, finesse-driven end of the spectrum, it drinks beautifully today,

but will evolve nicely through 2024

75cl Bottle ~ £57.00



46° Sursum Salento Rocca dei Mori ~ Italy 2011

A marvellous 50/50 blend of Montepulciano and Primitivo where the wine has spent 12 months split

between American and French oak barrels. Bright cherry and ripe plum notes rush out of the glass

with a little spice in the mix too.

75cl Bottle ~ £39.00

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